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toxicscarlet - where the muses roam free

TOXICSCARLET ~ Where the muses roam free!
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My writing home! Includes fanfiction, short story fiction and snippets of my newest projects..



Reviews and comments are being allowed, but PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND, only reviews or comments left on posts that specifically say REVIEWS WELCOME will be accepted, all others will be removed. Thank you. :)

I'm Melissa and I'm a serious fan of fiction/fanfiction as well as a writer. I love what I do and I hope everyone enjoys reading what I write. I'm previously self published in the romance/sci-fi - supernatural romance genre. You can find my books by searching for Melissa R. Smith in either Amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com. They're my first writings from 1998 and 2003 and obviously very raw as I'm always looking to improve. I'm looking for supporters, advice and all the information I can find, so I can try and have my future work published on a wider scale. Thanks for stopping by!

This is my private fiction community, so it's not open for members. Friending the comm for updates of course, is highly appreciated and comments are ♥ LOVE ♥ ! Just click on the WATCH COMMUNITY icon above to add me to your friend's page! Thanks!

My fan fiction currently listed at fanfiction.net:
(these will not be posted here)


The Killing Moon:

With this story I wanted to try my hand and some supernatural elements.
It's my first time doing it, but it was a story that had been stuck in
my head for a long time. Erik living as a man but with an animalistic,
primative side. Oh yeah...


Under The Veil of Honorable Marriage:

I like Erik and Christine to read, but I prefer to write about Erik and
another female character. There are so many E/C stories that it just
ends up being the same old, same old most of the time. I have my favorites
of course, but mostly because they tend to portray Christine not as a
weepy little girl but more of a stronger woman.
I truly hate weepy Christine.


How I Spent My Trip to Paris:

My first modern Erik story. I guess it being modern, he's not really
Erik at all is he? Anyway, a woman spends a day or so in Paris,
meets a handsome man that wears a mask, she falls for him, but
returns home alone. The story is so incredible that it isn't even
voted to win a Valentine's Day contest.
But...with the help of a friend...;)


No Regret:

Basically takes place right after the opera house fire. Its my
first fanfiction story involving Phantom and it was written right
after the movie came out.
I still like it although its a bit short. ;)



Black Sunshine:

This is the third book in the Cursed Series. The first two were published
together as a small anthology called Blood and Roses. I think, or at
least I hope, I've improved in my writing skills since then. Since it
was self-published, I didn't know a lot about the publishing business
as a whole, I just wanted to see it in book form. There are tons of
grammatical errors because I didn't know to employ a professional editor.
Plus, Black Sunshine will be much larger this time. I'm hoping for at
least 80,000 to 100,000 words. Anyway, if you want to read about the
Blood and Roses, you can go here. You don't need to have read Blood and
Roses to understand Black Sunshine because stuff gets explained later in
the book, but it may help to know the background.



Haven is an two-part alternate version of the Phantom story.
Set in 1889, Erik is portrayed as an English lord with a not-so-pleasant
past. When an American man comes to him in financial trouble, he agrees
to take the man's daughter as his wife in return for the money the man
needs to pay his debts.

There seems to be a lot of confusion with this story. While no, it's
not our Phantom type Erik, he is physically the Erik we know and love.
This has been done in modern fan fiction, but I haven't seen it done
in the 1800's timeperiod. To me, its still the same idea. I've been
very happy with the reception it's received so far on fanfiction.net.
I hope everyone here enjoys it as well.

Haven on fanfiction.net!
Winterhaven on fanfiction.net!


The Fallen:

We hope to return to it soon, but life has gotten in the way, we apologize.

Character descriptions
History of The Fallen ones and introductions.
Character pictures.

The Fallen is a story that surrounds around the lives of Rachel Tillman
and Lily Davenport, two friends who run a bookstore/coffee shop in Montreal.
Friends since childhood, but spending their college years apart, Rachel
and Lily reunited 5 years ago when Rachel returned to Montreal. They
opened their bookstore soon after, but just now recently moved to a new
and larger location in the more chic, eclectic, artistic area of downtown
Montreal. Happy that it's more convenient to the subway station and to
their townhomes, little do they know just how convenient. They soon
discover, hidden stories below their new store in the tunnels below the
subway lines, lies a hidden world that holds for Rachel and Lily passion,
intrique and danger.

This is written as a collaborative effort with myself, Melissa ( greeneyedmissy )
and Roxanne ( ravenroxanne ).
We are writing together in the evenings and posting here once a week.
We are not allowing members to the community, but we would love for
everyone to friend us so they can receive updates. And because we would
like to keep the community to only the story, posting replies to chapters
is not allowed, but if you wish to make a comment about something you've
read here, feel free to post at one or both of our livejournals, we will
post there when we update.

Once we have completed about 5 chapters, they will posted together and
housed for easier viewing at my website, bellenoiresdomain.net

by: icherisherik